SMCATL:  Hi Brian, Hi Dorothéa. At our January Coffee and Content meeting – we had a lively discussion around tools for content creation and some of the choices that you, as a marketer, should make when selecting tools and how to measure success.   A number of folk were interested in exploring this topic further, so we wanted to check in with you to see if you had anything to add to the conversation.

Brian: I mentioned that SMCATL did a deep dive on tools and tricks at a previous SMCATL meeting, and I have included a link to the SlideShare deck below. We were throwing out the names of lots of tools and resources during the conversation – so this will help find what you are looking for.

Of course, this deck is just a big brain dump, with lot’s of choices. Dorothéa – any thoughts on how to make an educated selection?

Dorothéa: Before you choose a tool for your client or multiple clients, you

must first come to terms with the fact that there is not one tool that will do 100% of what you want to accomplish with the exclusion of some expensive enterprise solutions, larger organizations and agencies are utilizing.

You must research who your customer is, their on-line habits, technology preferences, content desires, as well as, how they engage with your brand. In essence, their socio-technographic data.

Next it is good to have an idea of the customer journey; how did they find out about your brand, it’s service, solution or product? If they did business with your company previously how did that come about? What type of content do they react to and on what channel?

Once you have some background you can create a persona of the ‘Social Customer’ and work backwards towards which tools best suit the needs of your ideal customer.

SMCATL: Thank you both. And here is the SlideShare deck that Brian mentioned. Hope to see everyone at our February Coffee and Content on 2-25-16. The topic is Social Media and Millennials.


Article By:
Brian Rudolph
Chair, Social Media Club Atlanta