Come for the Learning.  Stay for the Experience.

Get “hands on” at the Future Experience Lab next week at the Social Media Club keynote event. 

November 17th  Ted Wright, CEO of Fizz will be talking about the intersection of Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media.  Before the presentation and throughout the evening – Moxie will open up their new Future Experiences Lab for attendees to experience.  Here’s  what you will get to play with. 

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Eventbrite - SMCATL Wonder Twins: Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media

FutureX Lab
A hands-on maker space, the Lab is used for prototyping products and experiences to drive our clients’ businesses forward. It is also a center for “test and learns” — experimental sessions where new innovations can be created and analyzed in real-world scenarios. The FutureX Lab will serve as both inspiration and education for Moxie and our clients. It is a space where we can work together to explore, develop and apply the skills it takes to connect the future to the now.

FutureX Center

The FutureX Center is a conference space where new ideas and technologies are shared, discussed and explored. It will host events featuring globally recognized experts in areas such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and wearables who share a collective focus: Map the impact and opportunities for the future of marketing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most powerful mediums ever created. It blurs the lines between what we believe is real and what we imagine is possible. From the ultra-low-cost option of Google Cardboard to the higher-end experiences of the Oculus Rift or The Vive, VR is primed to be the biggest disruptor of 2016.

Augmented Reality

Hot on the heels of virtual reality is augmented reality. Although initiatives like the Microsoft HoloLens and the “top secret” work underway at Magic Leap seem to be at least a year or two away from fruition the potential of “merging” the virtual with the real world has profound implications.

User Generated Disruption

With the global reach of digital platforms and the rise of crowd-funding, on-demand manufacturing and distribution, the means to bring great ideas to life is literally available to anyone. Although this trend can be seen as a potential threat to established industries, Moxie views it as an unprecedented opportunity: Now agencies and brands can actively involve consumers in the creation and evolution of their products and services.

From smart watches to smart socks, wearables are about to transform every aspect of our lives. By making each interaction more personal, contextual and relevant, wearables enable everything from real- time health monitoring to more secure financial transactions. And the data they generate will inform and fuel everything from the next great wearable invention to the latest marketing innovations.

3D Printing

Today we can 3D print everything from a carburetor to a house. Tomorrow, we’ll be able to 3D print anything from a delicious steak to fully functioning replacement organs that extend our lives. For brands, 3D printing creates extraordinary opportunities to customize and personalize the products and experiences they offer in ways once thought impossible.

Light Kinetics

Light Kinetics is a growing art form that gives brands the freedom and flexibility to transform environments into (literally) enlightening interactive experiences. Designed for the “me-first” consumer, these displays enable users to illuminate, dim and brighten lights using a mobile device, music, hand gestures, voice commands and more.

Alternate Reality
Alternate Reality has
the power to transform ordinary objects and images into enhanced —
and sometimes surreal —experiences. Through Alternate Reality, brands are able to extend consumer connections beyond static signage and bring dynamic content to life in both 2D and 3D — ultimately forging a new purchase path for consumers.


Eventbrite - SMCATL Wonder Twins: Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media