Each month we host a social gathering (in real life) to discuss current trends relevant to our industry.

Our pre-selected topic for this month’s conversation will be “The Real Social Media Influencers”. Social media influence is generally calculated from a combination of reach and relevance – in other words,  how much buzz you generate. But that doesn’t always tell the full picture. You might follow a celebrity’s Tweets, but if your child’s sick, the chances are you’ll take your doctor’s advice over Taylor Swift (or one of the Kardashian’s.) On the other hand, Clark Howard or Suze Orman might provide better financial advice than you’ll get from your best friend. Who’s the most influential to you?


This is an informal discussion. There is no membership requirement, and there’s no cost to attend. We want to capitalize on the collective genius of our community, enabling all of our unique missions to succeed through best practices and shared experience. Over a good “Cup of Joe” our professional networks will morph into friendship, thus living-out one of the key characteristics of the Social Media Club.

This month’s “Coffee and Content” will be held at Swarm Agency, which is located in the Carriage Works complex at 530 Means Street NW, Suite 120, Atlanta, 30318, in West Midtown. Swarm is a conversion marketing agency that creates digital platforms to leverage business results through multiple and targeted marketing channels. They drive results for their clients by helping them convert potential customers into long-term loyal purchasers. For additional details, visit swarmagency.com.

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